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As Tough As They Come…

The Sturdy Tracklander Roof Rack is the result of over 4 decades of experience in 4WD roof rack manufacture and design. Built for the harsh conditions of northern Australia and tested in some of the roughest terrain on the planet, the Tracklander is the product for extreme off road use.

The innovative flex-tech system enables the rack to move with your vehicle and therefore protecting it from external and internal damage. The fully-welded mesh base provides multiple tie-down points for maximum security and the full range of innovative accessories make loading a breeze. Quiet travel is assured with the Impact resistant acrylic deflector and minimalistic leading edge design.

Every Tracklander Roof rack and accessory is 100% backed with a rock solid 5 year Guarantee. If your adventures are ever going to take you through the real Australian outback you can’t afford to take chances. This is where the Tracklander will give you everything you need.

a 4wd with a solar panel on top

Strength that You Can't Get Elsewhere

Fully welded, tested and proven over many years of the toughest of terrains. Specially cambered cross bars take the stress; Heavy duty mesh gives you multiple securing points and a perfect loading platform. All Gutter mounted legs are tested to the International roof rack standard * ISO PAS 11154:2006 and the gutterless versions extend beyond this

a car with a roof rack on top

Vehicle Protection That Has Never Been Seen On Roof Racks

The Flex- tech technology flexes with the vehicle movement and protects your external and internal structure from cracking and damage. The brackets are built to exactly match the shape of the roofline to prevent any pressure. Corners and edges are given a radius or curved to allow stress to move through the joints. Foam or specially shaped PVC protection is used throughout on all contact points to prevent metal to metal contact.

a car with a surfboard on top of it on a dirt road

Quiet Travel

Nothing is worse when you’re travelling than a constant drone or howling through the roof rack caused by vibration. Whilst this cannot be completely eliminated due to the variety of loads carried, the testing completed on the Tracklander range has resulted in reduced sizes of leading edges and a specially shaped deflector system which results in minimum wind noise.

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The evil of all travel is a loose load. Rough roads and corrugations will destroy everything given a loose cargo and time. The range of useful Tracklander accessories hold your load secure and firm in these situations which protects your rack and vehicle from Damage.

a car with a rack on top of it

Coating That Will Last

The Tracklander coating is a hammer-tone finish and is applied at up to twice the thickness of standard powder coatings. This makes for a very hardwearing coating which is needed on a roof rack.

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Transfer To Your Next Car

Expect your Tracklander to outlast your current vehicle. When you trade you can take it with you- in most cases it will transfer to a new car of a different type with a change of leg mount which are sold separately. Spare parts are also available if you want a refresh when you upgrade.

See proud Tracklander Owners
strutting across the country

From the beach sands of Albany in Western Australia to the tip of Cape York in Far North Queensland. From the red dust of the Pilbara and Northern Territory to the muddy tracks of Victoria's Latrobe Valley you'll see them casually wandering around, handling the outback with ease. Four wheel drivers, knowing that they have the best.

Used by professionals all over- From Tradies to businessmen, Bushmen to lawyers, Government departments. You'll see Four wheel drivers from all walks of life and all professions- with the peace of mind that the Tracklander won’t fail them in the toughest of terrains. That's why they say- Nothing Comes Close.