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Limits for Roof Racks Sydney

We should be aware that a 4WD can carry a limited amount of weight on the roof, at least while being driven. Usually, this is about 100kg in total. If we exceed this amount the performance, of the vehicle, the handling, and the safety is badly compromised. It is also quite illegal.

The weight limit for the vehicle’s roof includes the actual roof rack. This is easily overlooked. We might mistakenly think that the weight limit only applies to the luggage we carry on the rack. So if the total weight limit is 100kg, and the rack weighs 50Kg, then we only have 50kg left to allocate to the luggage. This shows why a lighter roof rack is advantageous. The lighter the rack, the more luggage we can carry.

Risks of Overloaded Roof Racks Sydney

  • If there is a lot of weight on the top of the vehicle the centre of gravity is too high, so the vehicle stability is poor.
  • The handling of the vehicle is compromised, so turning a corner or stopping will be harder.
  • Matters are worse if the weight on the roof is uneven the vehicle might lean to one side, or have all the weight over the back wheel, so the steering becomes light. This makes the vehicle hard to control.

Because overloading is illegal it will probably affect an insurance claim. You might find insurance is void in an accident if you have done something illegal, like overload the roof rack.

When the vehicle is parked it can take a heavier load on the roof. When it is off-road we should be over-cautious and lighten the roof load. Driving off-road tends to push the vehicle to its limits. A heavily loaded roof rack would only add to the strain. Best to keep the load to 60% of the limit (i.e.: usually 60kg when off-road.

Ideal Roof Racks Sydney

  • Low weight with high strength
  • Non-corrosive material – aluminium, stainless steel, powder-coated steel.
  • Aerodynamic, to reduce wind drag and fuel consumption.
  • Many tied down points to secure the load with a rope.
  • Low to the roof, to provide better overhead clearance and a lower centre of gravity.
  • Solid welding and construction. A full-size roof rack is often overkilled. It provides space, but because the rack is heavy we will not be able to put much weight in that space. Often a smaller, lighter roof rack will allow more weight to be carried. A custom roof rack, designed for each make of car, should provide the optimal solution. It will be low weight, yet strong enough to carry a decent load on the roof.

Roof Racks Sydney

Custom roof racks for 4WDs and other vehicles are the best option. These are aerodynamic, sturdy, lightweight, and maximize the load capacity.