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What to Know About Boat Loader Roof Racks

In almost every area of life it is usually better to plan ahead. So if we are planning to buy a 4WD or planning to enjoy a few sporting activities with our new 4WD, then we should look at the equipment we need to carry our boats, skies, bikes or other equipment.

If we intend to use a small boat there are a few things we need to look if we intent to transport the boat.

Considering Boat Loader Roof Racks

Weight – The 4WD will carry between 100kg and 200kg, depending on the model of vehicle. It is all too easy to forget that this will include the weight if the roof rack and not just the boat. Exceeding the weight limit is plain dangerous, and will void your insurance cover.

Accessories Weight – If you are using a boat you will need lifejackets, and possibly a motor and fuel. Don’t forget that this adds to the overall weight. Fishing gear will also take up a lot of space.

Ease of loading is an issue. Well-designed boat loader roof racks will have rollers on the rear. This allows two people to easily load a light to medium boat on the roof. It is a mistake to underestimate this, as any 4WD vehicle able to carry a boat will probably be quite high off the ground. It is hard to load a boat, even a light-weight boat, onto a high clearance vehicle.

The boat will need to be securely held in place on the roof rack boat loader with tight straps. Given the speed you vehicle travels at, and the occasional tight turn, this needs to be very secure and reliable.

The clearance of your vehicle the boat on top is very high. So park outside and avoid anything with low clearance.

Boats will get wets, often with salt water. This is very harsh on even the toughest vehicle. Find ways to keep any equipment inside the vehicle dry (even if is it just a sealable plastic bag). And hose off all salt water, as fresh water is less harmful.

Remove a few other items from the vehicle when taking the boat out. You won’t need the gas bottle or camping equipment. Just take the boating equipment and anything needed to safety.


Boat Loader Roof Racks

Our Tracklander boat loader roof racks are custom designed for each vehicle. We make it easy to use, rugger, yet still keep the weight minimal.