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Background on the Toyota Prado Roof Rack

Toyota have a long history of producing reliable 4WDs, extending back to the early 1950s. The Toyota Prado was introduced in the early 1990s, combining the ruggedness of the earlier 4WDs with a modern taste for a luxurious interior. This was a car aimed at on-road use, but still capable of serious off-road travel when needed. It was also very capable of towing boats or carrying recreational or sports equipment on the roof rack.

Loads and the Toyota Prado Roof Rack

The considerable payload and towing ability are a large part of the Prado’s appeal. Many people who want to carry anything from light boats to ski equipment to camping supplies know that the Prado does all these things quite well. Internally the Prado can carry up to seven people (depending on the model). If there are fewer passengers then the vehicle can carry more equipment/luggage. But it may be difficult to carry this load internally, either because there are seats for passengers in the way, or because the load is physically to large. So it makes sense to use a trailer or roof rack. The total payload of the Prado is actually around 540 kg to 665 kg, depending on the model.

Custom Designed Toyota Prado Roof Rack

A custom roof rack for the Prado allows the vehicle to achieve its maximum weight carrying capacity. It also allows the vehicle to carry large items like surfboards or canoes that (though not too heavy) are physically too large to fit inside the vehicle. The custom design keeps the weight of the roof rack as low as possible. This is important yet often overlooked, as the weight of the rack is part of the load. A lighter rack means being able to carry a heavier load.

Custom Designed Toyota Prado Roof Rack will be:

  • 100% Off-Road Load Rating
  • Lightweight, to maximize the potential load
  • Aerodynamic Design, for optimal fuel efficiency
  • Sturdy, Durable and Long-lasting, with a rust proof coating
  • Multiple tie-down points to secure the load.
  • 5-Year Unlimited KM Product Guarantee

Toyota Prado Roof Rack

Enjoy more possibilities of the Toyota Prado by adding our custom designed roof rack. Our aerodynamic racks are sturdy and long-lasting.