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The Hazards of a Bad Roof Rack when off-Roading in WA’s Northwest

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The Hazards of a Bad Roof Rack when off-Roading in WA’s Northwes

Western Australia’s Northwest region offers a breathtaking landscape for intrepid off-road adventurers. Its rugged terrains and striking beauty make it a magnet for those seeking an unforgettable journey. However, when navigating these demanding terrains, your equipment’s quality can become a matter of life and death. In this article, we explore the potential perils of utilizing a subpar roof rack during off-road excursions in WA’s Northwest, where help can be hundreds of kilometres away.

Safety at Stake

Safety should always be your foremost concern when tackling remote and challenging country. A low-quality roof rack may compromise safety in several ways, a fact made more ominous by the region’s isolated nature:
Instability: Many roof racks have been known to break or shift under the duress of rugged conditions in the Northwest, endangering both the driver and other road users.
Reduced Load Capacity: Some roof racks have weight limits, and it is essential to teak these into account. Roof racks that are not designed for off road conditions may not handle the load, ultimately leading to failure.
Impaired Handling: A poorly designed or ill-fitted roof rack can negatively impact your vehicle’s handling, especially when navigating treacherous terrains. This often doesn’t end well.

Gear in Jeopardy

Such off-road adventures often entail transporting valuable equipment like camping/fishing gear, and outdoor accessories. Roof rack failure may subject this valuable gear to excessive vibration, damage or even loss.

Vehicle Damage:
In addition to jeopardizing your gear, a poorly designed roof rack can also harm your vehicle.
Scratches and Dents from ill-fitting or insecure roof racks are commonplace. Rust stains from corrosion and door / rubber seal damage from inadequately fitting clamps are all things to be avoided. They can be both costly and frustrating to address.
Over time, the strain placed on your vehicle’s roof by a low-quality roof rack – twisting action from dips and washaways as well as the constant vibration from the abundant corrugations- may lead to structural damage. Not what you want.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency:
An inefficiently designed roof rack can increase aerodynamic drag, leading to decreased fuel efficiency. In the remote areas, where fuel stations can be few and far this can be a worry that you could do without

Added Stress and Anxiety
Embarking on an off-road journey in the Northwest should be an exciting adventure, but a poor roof rack can turn it into a nightmare of stress and frustration:
You might end up making frequent stops to check and adjust your gear and the tightness of bolts etc. Obviously, some periodic checking is essential but there’s not much that will rob you of the joy of your trip more than a constant worry that something bad is about to happen.
It’s difficult to relish the Northwest’s awe-inspiring landscapes with a preoccupied mind


When venturing off-road in Western Australia’s Northwest, investing in a high-quality roof rack is an absolute necessity. The potential consequences of relying on a subpar roof rack, from compromised safety to damaged gear and vehicles, are further exacerbated by the region’s remoteness. To fully appreciate the rugged beauty of this land and navigate its challenging terrains with peace of mind, equip yourself with a sturdy, reliable roof rack that can withstand the rigors of off-roading. Your safety, gear, and tranquillity will depend on it, especially in a region where help can be hundreds of kilometres away.

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