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Car Roof Rack

There are actually very few 4WD vehicles that don’t have some type of roof rack. And many station wagons, panel vans and other street cars also have a roof rack fitted, because they prove so useful for carrying luggage. With so many options out there is a roof rack for almost any vehicle.

However, before you spend money on a rack for your car there are some considerations. There are several types of roof rack, and thee are weight limits dictating how much load your vehicle can carry.

Car Roof Racks Melbourne

A few people never have a need for a roof rack. But many others find that once they have fitted a roof rack it proves surprisingly useful. Even if they only use it a few times per year it proves essential for those time when it is used.

For 4WD vehicles the roof rack might be used for anything from a solar panel that feeds the second battery to a storage area for camping equipment. Mountain bikes, surfboards, canoes and tents are all occasionally carried on a roof rack. These things are usually hard to fit inside a car. So roof racks, or perhaps a trailer, are the only option.

Sometimes it is not the space inside the vehicle that is the issue. But we prefer to store things outside the vehicle, things like fuel, LPG gas, portable toilets, or spare tires, because these things are better kept away from the passengers.

Types Of Roof Racks Sydney

Length way Roof Bars – These run from the front of the roof to the back, along the outside edge of the vehicle. Some vehicle have these as standard fittings or an optional extra. On their own they have little use, but they can be used to mount bars that run from side to side.

Side to Side Roof Bars – These are bars, usually two, that run from one side of the vehicle’s roof to another. They are lightweight, and cause minimal drag, are fine for fishing poles of surfboards.

Roof Baskets – These are a metal basket, useful for carrying light loads. The wire mesh can be used with a rope to tie down a load. This is fine for tents or camping equipment. These are fine for small cars.

Full Length Cages – These fit on larger 4WDs, and are like a basket except they are much larger. They will carry larger loads while still being fairly lightweight. So they are popular for many camping vehicles. The wire mesh can be used with a rope to tie down the equipment.

Considerations for a Car Roof Rack

Total Weight – You car can only carry so much weight before the handling is badly affected. This weight included the passenger, the luggage and the weight of the roof rack. A lighter roof rack means more weight available for luggage. This is why an aluminium roof rack is often preferred.

Centre of Gravity – If we carry a weight on the roof the centre of gravity of the vehicle is raised. This will affect the handling when we drive the vehicle. It helps if we keep some heavy equipment inside the car, and keep the roof rack as light as possible, mostly for bulky items.

Clearance – A roof rack will add to the height of the car, especially when it is loaded. Make sure to keep it as low as possible, and avoid covered parking places and anywhere with low clearance.

Off road rating – Some roof racks are designed for off-road use, which is what you probably need for a 4WD. Check this before it is installed.

Car Roof Racks Melbourne

We have custom roof racks for all makes of 4WD and heavy duty vehicles. These are
designed for long term, off-road use.