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Most of us understand that roof racks can be used to carry luggage and camping equipment. That same space might occasionally be used for tools and hardware. But we sometimes forget that roof racks can be set up for specific needs.

Tents on Roof Racks

One of the issues with camping is setting up each night and packing up each morning. This takes time and feels frustrating. Anything that makes this process quicker is welcome. Having a quick-to-assemble tent goes a long way to making the camp set up much faster.

Larger vehicles, including most 4WDs, can have a two-person tent with a bed mounted on the roof. This is easy to set up in just a few minutes, usually requiring no tent poles and minimal ropes and pegs. Some roof rack tent designs will unfold over one side of the vehicle, providing some stand in the living space as well as the bed. Often this is all that is needed for a two-person trip.

The roof rack with the tent and bed should be moderately light, well under the usual 100 kg load limit. When the vehicle is parked there should be no issue in taking the weight of two people in the bed. Load limits refer to the vehicle when moving. The limit is much higher when the vehicle is stationary.

Awnings on Roof Racks

An awning is very simple, yet very useful. Mounted on one side of the roof rack the awning simply unrolls to provide a shaded cover. One side of the awning is supported by the vehicle, the other by two tent poles and some pegs. This is so easy to set up that it can be used for brief lunch stops, not just overnight camping.

A larger variation on this is the batwing awning. This extends both behind and to the side and behind the vehicle, providing a much more shaded area.

Because awnings mount to the side of the roof rack there will still be space on the rack to carry other equipment.

Canoes and Boats on Roof Racks

A boat loader roof rack is a great option for taking a small boat to the water. Our designs include rollers at the back of the rack so the boat can slide on with ease. And once loaded the boat can be securely held in place with ratchets straps.

Looking for 4WD Roof Racks in Sydney?

Roof racks are versatile and can be set up to carry tents, awnings, boats, or solar panels. We have a rack for every type of vehicle.