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Prado Roof Racks Perth


Tough As they Come... View Our Roof Racks

When you’re seriously off-road

Looking for a reliable car roof rack for your Toyota 200 Series LandCruiser? Look no further than Tracklander. Our 4WD roof racks are specifically designed to handle the toughest off-road terrains while ensuring minimal noise during your adventures. With exceptional strength and durability, Tracklander roof racks are equipped with multiple tie-down points to securely fasten your gear. Rest assured, our wind tunnel-tested wind deflectors will reduce drag and enhance fuel efficiency. Plus, with a 5-year guarantee, you can trust in the quality and longevity of our products.

The Toyota 200 Series & 100 Series LandCruiser Roof Rack

Tracklander offers a premium Toyota 100 Series and Toyota 200 Series LandCruiser Roof Rack, custom-designed for this 4WD vehicle. Our roof racks are meticulously engineered to provide unmatched performance and endurance, making them the preferred choice for both urban commuters and outdoor enthusiasts. Experience peace of mind knowing that your gear is securely mounted with our reliable tie-down points. The wind deflectors are designed to reduce noise and improve aerodynamics, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey. Trust Tracklander to deliver the ideal roof rack solution that perfectly suits your

Why Choose Tracklander?

Choose Tracklander for exceptional quality, versatility, and reliability in roof racks. Whether you own a Toyota 200 Series or 100 Series LandCruiser, our products are built to withstand the demands of your adventures, be it on rugged terrains or city streets. Join the countless satisfied customers who rely on Tracklander for their roof rack needs. Tracklander roof racks are ideal for a range of Toyota LandCruisers, including the:

  • 200 Series Landcruiser
  • 100 Series Landcruiser
  • 76 Series Landcruiser
  • 79 Series Dual-Cab Landcruiser
  • Landcruiser Troop Carrier (Troopy)

Are you looking for Toyota LandCruiser Roof Racks?

If you are looking for quality 4WD roof racks for 200 series Landcruiser, 100 series Landcruiser, or any series above, simply navigate our roof rack selector to find the right product for your Landcruiser. Alternatively, you can contact us today for more information. We've got stockists in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and throughout Australia. To find out more, click here.

Browse Roof Racks By Styles

Fully Enclosed Toyota Prado Roof Racks Sydney

Fully Enclosed Roof Racks

Reliable Tourer for Every 4WD Driver

Experience the most popular model loved by Toyota Prado drivers - Tracklander's fully enclosed roof racks. Designed for reliability and versatility, these roof racks feature a tough mesh base that securely fastens everything you need for your adventures. Explore our range of bolt-on accessories to enhance your storage options and make the most out of your trips.

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Flat Top Toyota Prado Roof Racks

Flat Top Roof Racks

Low Profile with Maximum Load Security

Tracklander's Carry-all flat top roof racks offer a low-profile option for your 4WD vehicle. With the same level of load security as our other models, you can confidently transport your gear while still having easy access to low-profile garages. Equipped with a built-in front wind deflector, these roof racks reduce wind noise and improve aerodynamics. Personalize your flat-top roof rack with our selection of bolt-on accessories.

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Tradie Open Ender Roof Racks

Tradie / Open Ender Roof Racks

The Ultimate Combination of Work and Recreation

Introducing Tracklander's Tradie/Open Ender roof racks, designed for both tradies and weekend adventurers. With a spacious internal width of 1.23m, these roof racks are perfect for transporting longer items such as ladders, timber, or equipment. The fully welded mesh base simplifies loading and securing your gear for a hassle-free experience. Enjoy improved aerodynamics with the tailored front wind deflector.

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Accessories For Toyota Landcruiser

Elevate your experience with our premium roof rack designed specifically for your vehicle. Our Toyota Landcruiser roof racks provide a sturdy and versatile platform for carrying additional equipment and gear on your adventures. With its robust construction and sleek design, our roof rack seamlessly integrates with your vehicle while providing ample storage space.

Gas Bottle Holder: Secure and Convenient Storage

Keep your gas bottles securely stored and easily accessible with our specially designed gas bottle holder for the Toyota Landcruiser roof rack. This durable accessory ensures that your fuel source is firmly secured during transportation, providing peace of mind and convenience.

Side Fixed Ladder: Easy Access to Roof-Mounted Equipment

Effortlessly reach your roof-mounted equipment or roof tents with our practical side-fixed ladder. This sturdy and stable ladder offers a safe and convenient means of accessing the top of your vehicle, making it easier to load and unload your gear.

Flat Top Awning Mount: Create a Shaded Retreat

Transform your outdoor space into a comfortable shaded retreat with our flat-top awning mount, compatible with the Toyota Landcruiser roof rack. This versatile accessory allows you to attach awnings effortlessly, providing instant shelter from the sun or rain whenever you need it.

Tilting Solar Panel Frame: Harness the Power of the Sun

Optimise your off-grid adventures with our tilting solar panel frame designed for the Toyota Landcruiser roof rack. This innovative accessory enables you to mount solar panels and adjust their tilt angle, maximising sun exposure and allowing you to harness the power of the sun for charging your devices during your outdoor journeys.

Spare Wheel Holder: Carry Your Spare Tire with Ease

Be prepared for unexpected situations by adding our spare wheel holder to your Toyota Landcruiser roof rack. This convenient accessory provides a secure and hassle-free way to carry your spare tire, freeing up valuable space inside your vehicle for other essentials.

Boat Loader: Effortlessly Load and Transport Your Boat

Water sports enthusiasts will appreciate our efficient boat loader, designed specifically for the Toyota Landcruiser Roof Rack. This game-changing accessory simplifies the process of loading and unloading your boat onto the roof rack, ensuring that your water adventures are effortless and enjoyable.

Enhance your Toyota Landcruiser's functionality and versatility with our range of accessories designed for the Toyota Landcruiser roof rack. Each accessory offers a combination of convenience, security, and durability, allowing you to fully optimise your outdoor experiences.

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