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4WD Roof Racks Sydney


A roof rack allows us to carry considerably more luggage. And it allows us to carry equipment that either would not fit into the vehicle, like surfboards or fishing rods, or equipment that it best kept away from passengers, like fuel tanks.

A good roof rack must be custom designed to fit the vehicle. This means being sturdy, yet also slightly flexible to accommodate the flex of the vehicle itself. Ideally it should also provide plenty of points for ropes to tie down the load. There are general purpose roof racks that can be fitted to most cars, but these are quite limited in the weight they can carry.

A well designed roof rack will also be aerodynamic, to minimise air drag and help fuel efficiency.


Driving with Roof Racks Sydney


Of course a roof rack will alter how a vehicle handles, especially if it is carrying a heavy load. Just the fact that the centre of gravity is raised will affect the vehicles handling, increasing the body roll and extending the stopping distance. When the driver applies heavy braking the weight of the load will transfer to the front wheels.

When driving with a loaded roof rack the vehicle will require slower speeds when cornering. And it will use more fuel, a combination of the roof rack’s drag and the extra weight.


Minimising the Effects of an Extra Load.


Extra weight will always make some difference to the vehicle’s handling, but we can minimise the effect.
– Keep within the weight restriction of the vehicle. A lightweight roof rack help here because it means being able to carry a little more weight as the load.
– Keep the centre of gravity low by placing heavier items lower down, perhaps inside the vehicle, and using the roof rack for lighter, bulkier items like tents and cloth bags.
– Either distribute the weight evenly, so the vehicle is not lopsided, or put slightly more load over the rear of the vehicle. It helps to put slightly more weight over back wheels because the suspension on the back it probably more able to take the weight, and because it prevents the car from tipping forward when it has to stop.

Check the vehicle owner manual to find the maximum load rating.

Roof Racks Sydney

Roof racks provide space for extra luggage. A well-designed roof rack give the best results, and the best fuel economy.