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Roof Racks Sydney

A roof rack is a metal structure fitted to the top of a car’s roof, designed to carry extra luggage. It must be designed so that it does not compromise the structural integrity of the roof. Ideally, it should also be designed to be as light as possible, low in profile, and cause minimal wind resistance.

Benefits of Roof Racks Sydney

The main purpose of a roof rack is expanding storage capacity. This can prove invaluable for those who take long trips in the outback. The extra storage space means more supplies can carried when the vehicle is a long way from civilization.

There are other advantages with external storage space:

– By carrying more supplies on the roof rack we have space in the vehicle for more passengers.
– We can keep unpleasant items, like fuel or gas, outside the vehicle.
– Large items that may not fit inside the vehicle, like surfboards or canoes, can often be carried on the roof rack.
– Alternately, a roof rack might be used for a tent. This is very quick and easy to set up.

Considerations for Roof Racks Sydney

– A roof rack should be rugged and rust proof, as it will be exposed to the weather and some harsh driving conditions.
– A roof rack must flex to a certain degree, in the same manner as the vehicle flexes. If the rack is too rigid it will cause stress on the vehicle.
– A load on a roof rack will change the vehicle’s center of gravity, and subsequently the vehicle handling. So we must not exceed weight limits, and distribute that weight evenly. 100 kg max for a 4WD is common, but this varies with the vehicle.
– The weight of the roof rack is part of the vehicle’s weight limit. This means a heavier roof rack can only carry a lighter load. So we should keep the roof rack as light as possible. If the weight limit is 100 kg, then a 40 kg rack means we have a maximum of 60 kg load capacity.
– A roof rack will raise the clearance of the vehicle. This means we may not be able to enter underground car parks or other low clearance areas.

Roof Racks Sydney

A custom roof rack achieves the best results for you vehicle. We have rugged roof racks for every make and model of vehicle.